Eco Emissions Xchange Gurugram, Haryana-122002.


Eco Emissions Xchange: What does our name mean?

Contrary to popular belief, Emissions is not just pollution from the Green House Gases. Any release or output (good or bad) arising from our ecosystem can be considered as emission. We consider the entire world as an Ecosystem of innumerable resources. We work as an Exchange that provides innovative solutions from our natural ecosystem to the entire world.

For us, everything has significance and same goes for our brand colors red & black. Red color is a positive colour associated with most physical human needs and a will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Red is energizing. Red portrays one of the key aspects of Eco Emissions Xchange’s personality – Action. It signifies our pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and The color Black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and signifies things that are hidden from the world. Black color’s significance in Eco Emissions Xchange brand comes from our aim to un-hide the hidden and explore the un-explored.

Eco Emissions Xchange (EEX) is a versatile organization with business interests in processing & supply of Agro Products & Chemicals, Ferrous & Non Ferrous metals, Hazardous Waste manufacturing and Agro Oil processing & manufacturing.

At the heart of the Indian economy lies Agriculture, this happens to be one of our key focus areas. EEX is factually the industry leader in agro chemicals, providing our customers with best possible buys. Realizing the potential of few of the traditional Indian trees to play the significant role in the economic & social environment, EEX initiated an agro collection project with a mission to offer an affordable & available economic alternative to the rural population of the country. We are working with over 50000 rural families for the procurement of key world commodities like:

  • Neem Seed & related extracts
  • Castor Seed & related extracts
  • Jatropha Seed & related extracts
  • Karanja Seed & related extracts
  • Sesame Oil & seeds

EEX’s state of the art processing unit at Surendranagar, Gujarat, follows WHO GMP guidelines that en-sure the quality delivery of all products while keeping the volume produced in check as well to meet the growing demand of our products.

As a responsible partner we feel obligated to provide proactive and prudent advice combined with recommendations targeted towards helping businesses and individuals better understand the benefits of using Organic fertilizers, pesticides, repellents, manure & medicine, etc. and assist them in making responsible decisions and get the best value out of wonderful AgrOrganix’s Neem product range.

We also offer customized Neem products to our clients subject to the scale of their business, industry & economic environment, annual compliance regulations and budgetary needs.

Our international team of global experts is constantly looking out to develop, innovate & deliver high quality products to the ever growing Organic users. EEX’s Agro processing unit has the capacity to produce 500 TPA AgrOrganix Neem Oil & 3000 TPA AgrOrganix Neem Cake & Manure. EEX’s Agro processing unit is located within 120 kms of the state capital Ahmedabad.