Eco Emissions Xchange Gurugram, Haryana-122002.

About Us

Our Philosophy

We as a company believe in taking the difficult path as the easier way is always busy with the organizations that are trying to go nowhere. Our philosophy of Innovations & Strategic Products is backed by the enthusiasm to come up with the portfolio that not only reap profits for the company, but also make our customer & the community the beneficiary stakeholder of our profits.

Our Mission

We understand our success is dependent on the success of each of our customers. The intellect, talent & quality are the core pillars of the organization. With the focus on these pillars, our international team of global experts is constantly looking out to develop, innovate & deliver high quality products to our ever growing clientele.

Being No. 1 is not a mission, but a passion. Passion to innovate, excel & deliver the products that leave our clients in awe of the quality.

We aim to be the best in every product category we venture into and that is evident from our Zinc portfolio.

 In a short span we have become the largest suppliers of Zinc Ash in the world and by 2017, Our AgrOrganix range of organic products & CleanOSpill Super Absorbent will be No. 1 in their category.

Red colour is a positive colour associated with most physical human needs and a will to survive. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Red is energizing. Red portrays one of the key aspects of Ecoemissions Xchange’s personality – Action.

It signifies our pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination.

The colour black relates to the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, and signifies things that are hidden from the world. Black colour’s significance in Ecoemissions Xchange brand comes from our aim to un-hide the hidden and explore the un-explored.