Eco Emissions Xchange Gurugram, Haryana-122002.


Contrary to popular belief, Emissions is not just pollution from the Green House Gases. Any release or output (good or bad) arising from our ecosystem can be considered as emission. We consider the entire world as an Ecosystem of innumerable resources. We work as an Exchange that provides innovative solutions from our natural ecosystem to the entire world. 

Products: AgrOrganix, CleanOSpill Super Absorbent, Zinc Ash, Zinc Dross & Ingots, Carbon Offset Management


as the name suggests, is the range of naturally processed Agricultural extracts engineered to provide the best quality Agro Nutrients & Herbal remedies to the world users. EEX’s AgrOrganix range of Neem products are manufactured & processed using state of the art technology to provide the best quality produce, which is completely Organic, Biodegradable and Safe for Human use & to Non-Target Organisms.

Zinc Ash

Ecoemissions Xchange supplies Zinc Ash & Dust from high grade (HG) and special high grade (SHG) zinc metal as well as from zinc secondaries. With a combined capacity to reprocess & recycle more than 10000 TPA Zinc Ash & Dust, we are a secure and reliable supplier of zinc dust to many industries.

Strategically located in Bhuj, Gujarat with in 50 KMs of Kandla, India’s third busiest port, the company’s Zinc Ash unit, which is the largest, single site distilled Zinc Ash plant in the country, can ship to both domestic and international destinations efficiently and economically.

Using state-of-the-art technology, low electro-thermal furnaces and segregated regular furnaces, our plant has the ability to produce various grades of zinc ash & dust. This enables us to provide the most comprehensive Zinc product line in the industry.

Our laboratory, which houses state-of-the-art testing equipments, along with our strict quality control standards ensures our customers’ product specifications, packaging and shipping requirements are met.

We are the game changers in the Zinc Ash industry. We take pride in our quality, process and delivery mechanism. We have strategic partners & vendors located around the country which enables us to achieve the best quality through astound processes, & deliver around the globe.